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Reach for the Stars!! Reading Incentive Program Summer 2017

I am launching a FUN reading-incentive program, Reach For The Stars!! This program is sponsored by the publisher Usborne Books and we ask that you encourage your children to participate.

The Reach For The Stars program will challenge students to read daily and reward them with exciting and fun books of their choice, to keep for their own. The student will also earn lots of books for their home library! We will begin Thursday, June 1, 2017 and carry on for THREE weeks (with a couple days of wiggle room to get yourself ready to encourage the children to read)!


Here’s how it works:

STEP ONE: Students will read as many minutes as they can for the next 2 weeks (if they are not reading yet, these are minutes that are read TO them). Students will record their minutes on the stars of the enclosed reading log. START READING TODAY!! We challenge them to read 300 minutes during the 2 week period!

STEP TWO: Help your child(ren) get sponsors to make a pledge to support their reading!! The more pledges they collect, the more books they will get to pick out. EVERY DOLLAR collected goes back to the student in the form of Usborne books. Your child will get 100% of his/her pledge money in Usborne books of his/her choice! The other 50% of the pledge money will go to a local non-profit for children in foster care. This is a 100% return and a win-win for everyone!!

STEP THREE: Go for the $100 Challenge!! If your child collects $100 or more in pledges, he/she will also receive a BONUS KID KIT (see page for details – link will be updated).

STEP FOUR: Turn in the reading log and pledge money from Monday, June 26th. (Reminders will be sent via email, text, and social media). Please make checks payable to: Rachael Harris.

STEP FIVE: Students will pick out their books (equal to 100% of the pledge money he/she collected) by Wednesday, June 28th. You and your child can view the books online at and start a wishlist on the website (or a piece of paper). Please include at least three alternate choices on your wish list.

STEP SIX: Stay updated! 25% of what your children raise will go to children in foster care! (For those of you who have different information about how much will go to foster care, I had the number incorrect — this is the correct number! The kids are going to love their books!)

See more details and script here!

NOTE: Students will receive their books within 2 weeks of the shopping day!

Thank you for supporting this highly rewarding reading-incentive program! Together we can encourage the joy of reading in all our children!


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