5 Ways to Retell Stories

My middle child loves stories about herself to told and retold. My adult brain can grow quite weary of the repetition πŸ˜… and I have to get creative with ways to retell the story.

5 ways to retell stories:

  1. Involve the child in the retelling: tell a bit of the story and pause to ask, “and then what happened?”
  2. Use stuffed animals as the characters: give them their names, each their own voice, and have a little fun with it!
  3. Have the child draw what happens in the story: “let’s draw the story!” and then draw what happened at the beginning, middle, and the end. If the child asks you to draw the picture, do that and let them watch so they can begin mastering the skill by watching!
  4. Use a story telling bracelet: see how to make and use one here.
  5. Create an easy homemade book: use pictures you have of the family or friends in the story. See how and why these are great here!

Share what you used on my Facebook page! Join us in my VIP group for a Reading Challenge with Reach for the Stars!!


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