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Summer Reading Challenge


What are you guys doing this summer to keep your brains fresh for next school year?

My Literacy Loving VIPs are participating in a Summer Reading Challenge that will get FREE BOOKS in the hands of their children!

We are setting goals, getting sponsors, and reaching our goals this June! IT IS GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN!!! Click here to find out more!

We will be talking about how to empower children to set and reach for goals, what to do to make independent reading work, and getting excited for all kinds of FREE Usborne Books & More BOOKS of when we reach our goals!

One thing you’ll need for sure are these handy-dandy Usborne Books & More bookmarks and this awesome board of more printable bookmarks I found on Pinterest! Print, color, read, repeat!


Doodle Bookmarks 4toapage-1We are going to rock this reading challenge, aren’t we? I am so excited for you to join us!

Usborne Programs

HOW TO Reach For the Stars!!


You will get new books from this equal to how much money you bring in.

You will get people to sponsor you to read for the next 3 weeks.


Maybe your parents would like to sponsor you! Maybe your grandma, maybe your aunts, maybe your neighbor.

Examples of goals for different grade:

K-3, 15 minutes for 5 days a week,

4-5, 20 minutes for 5 days a week,

6-8, 30 minutes for 5 days a week

9+, 60 minutes for 5 days a week


Each time you read, you’ll color in a star on your star sheet (See below). When the 3 weeks are over and your reading is finished – put the money from your sponsors in the mail to reach Rachael by Monday, June 26th!

By the end of June, after everyone’s money is in, then you’ll get to pick out which books you want, we’ll order them and 2 weeks later they’ll be delivered! If you are in town, we will celebrate at my house with a fun picnic lunch and anyone who reached $100 in sponsors or more will get their BONUS KID KIT!

Recap on the pledges and awards:

If you bring in $10 then you’ll pick out $10 in books

If you bring in $38 then you’ll pick out $38 in books

If you bring in $125 then you’ll pick out $125 in books

If you get 10 sponsors for $10 each then you’ll get $100 in books AND this awesome BONUS KID KIT!


GET STARTED! You will need the following from Rachael Harris (find her at, 615-979-1615, or on

1 – a letter for your parents or guardians that explains it to them

2 – reading log with stars to color in for each segment you read

3 – envelope to print and fold (or paste to another envelope you have) to collect your pledges in!

4 – your sponsor form!

Use this tonight! Ask your parents to pledge $ for you to read. Ask your grandparents to pledge $ for you to read. Ask your neighbor to pledge $ for you to read. You don’t have to remember all these details. All you need to do is tell everyone how excited you are about this and how much you want to do this and read!


“Grandma I’m doing the coolest reading thing this summer and I’m going to get new books from it and Foster kids in the area will get FREE BOOKS too!

I get pledges to read for 3 weeks. I take the money to my Usborne rep and pick out the books I want! If I get $10 to read, then I get $10 of books! If I get $50 to read, then I get $50 in books! AND if I get 10 people to sponsor me $10 each, then I get a BONUS KID KIT to use in my down time this summer!!

Would you like to sponsor me for reading?”


Start reading: NOW!

Money DUE to Rachael (suggested to have it mailed by Friday, June 23rd!): Monday, June 26th

Shopping list due to Rachael: Wednesday, June 28th

Books and awards due to you: Friday, July 14th

We will have a low key and FUN celebration picnic that Friday morning/afternoon!


Usborne Programs

Reach for the Stars!! Reading Incentive Program


What is Reach for the Stars!!?

Reach for the Stars!! is a pledge based reading incentive program that works like a “read-a-thon” or reading challenge.  We put books into the hands of students and reward them for reading.  At the same time, it provides the school or organization cash and/or books.

What is the Goal of Reach for the Stars!!?

The goal of the Reach for the Stars!! program is for the participants to read, or to be read to, 300 minutes or more over a two-week period of time, thus developing a reading routine, receiving Usborne and Kane Miller books for participating.This is an average of 30 minutes per weekday. Education experts encourage routine daily reading and recommend a minimum of 30 minutes every day!

Who Can Participate?

This program can benefit any sized organizational group. This would include entire schools, public libraries, individual classrooms, clubs, troops, preschools, ECFE, church groups, home school groups, charities, businesses, etc…

Do Children Go Door-to-Door?

No ! This program will work well seeking just those safe, mentoring friends, family members who will encourage students in their reading.

What benefits the child?
They develop the important habit of daily reading and receive Usborne books and other prizes for participating. The Reach For The Stars program helps children discover the joy of reading and gives them the opportunity to choose their very own high quality Usborne books to keep!


Two Program Options Are Available


Commercial-Free Bookfairs

100% of the pledge money is given to the organization
in the form of educational books from the Usborne catalog.


    • 50% in books to participating students
    • 50% in books to the classrooms, library
      and/or incentives for children. (percentages flexible)


Fund Raiser Program*

100% of the pledge money is given to the organization
in the form of cash and books from the Usborne catalog.


    • 50% in books to participating students.
    • 30% in CASH is given to the organization.
    • 20% in books to the classrooms, library
      and/or incentives for children. (book %’s are flexible)

Both options offer a 100% return!!


What is Needed to Run a Reach for the Stars!!?

There is no cost to the organization to run the program.  All materials to run the Reach for the Stars!! reading challenge are provided by Usborne Books — free of charge.

Forms are provided to aid in compiling donation monies and student book orders.  Thorough instructions are given for each step of the program to make things as easy as possible.

Volunteers Needed for a Reach for the Stars!!

A designated “Coach/Cheerleader” is needed to…

  • Distribute the materials to students.
  • Explain the program in an assembly or by classroom.
  • Coach teachers to encourage student participation.
  • Cheer on students in collecting pledges & to meet reading goals

A program “Coordinator” is also needed to…

  • Work with the Usborne Consultant by phone and email.
  • Collect/calculate monies and reading logs from each classroom.
  • Bag books by student and deliver to each classroom.


Summer Reading Program




*The Fundraiser option below is the recommended fundraiser:

Cards for a Cause Fundraiser